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Hypnotherapy for Fears

Fears and phobias

Fear of Flying

Aerophobia triggers severe anxiety during flights, often leading to avoidance of air travel and feelings of failure.

Fear of needles

Trypanophobia induces extreme distress during medical procedures, causing avoidance of treatments and vaccinations.

Fear of heights

Acrophobia causes intense anxiety and dizziness, affecting daily activities and limiting opportunities for adventure.

Fear of spiders/ dogs

Arachnophobia and Cynophobia impact the daily life of people and limit family time and social activities.

Fear of social situations

Social phobia leads to anxiety, feelings of being judged and impacts work, school, and relationships.

Fear of Driving 

Vehophobia can cause anxiety or panic attacks behind the wheel, often resulting in avoidance dependance on other people. 

Characteristics of phobias

Anticipatory Anxiety: People with phobias often experience intense anxiety in anticipation of encountering the phobic stimulus. This can occur days or even weeks before the potential exposure, affecting their ability to plan and enjoy daily activities.

Overwhelming fear: This fear people experience is disproportionate to and significantly exceeds the actual threat presented by the object or situation.

Distress: The fear induces considerable distress and anxiety, disrupting everyday life and hindering normal activities. 

Physical symptoms: Phobias can trigger physical symptoms such as sweating, trembling, rapid heartbeat, and shortness of breath. These symptoms are a result of the body's fight-or-flight response being activated in the presence of the phobic stimulus.

Avoidance: People with phobias often take extraordinary measures to sidestep their sources of fear. This avoidance behaviour can severely restrict their lifestyle, preventing them from engaging in travel, employment, or even stepping outside their homes.

Enduring nature: Unlike fleeting fears, phobias are enduring. They persist over time, potentially spanning years or an entire lifetime.


Fear of flying

How CBT and hypnotherapy can help manage your fears 

No matter the source of your fear, I am here to assist you in releasing those deep-seated, unhelpful beliefs fuelling your irrational fears.

I'll equip you with transformative techniques designed to shift your outlook and grant you unwavering control. Embrace a concise therapy method where a majority of clients witness significant improvements within just a handful of sessions.

How hypnotherapy can transform your life:

  • Root cause: Identify and address the underlying issues that contribute to your fear, allowing for a deeper, more effective healing process.

  • Change emotional responses: Hypnotherapy can help reframe your thoughts and feelings towards the phobic stimulus, reducing anxiety and creating a more positive mindset.

  • Reframing: Learn and implement techniques to develop new, positive reactions to previously feared situations.

  • Self-assurance: Gain confidence and reclaim control over your life, freeing yourself from the limitations imposed by your phobia.