Hypnosis is a very natural state of mind and body where you enter a state of heightened concentration, guided by a trained  hypnotherapist. Complete relaxation and focused attention help you become more receptive to suggestions that can help you make positive changes in your perceptions, emotions, thoughts or behaviours.

No you do not sleep during Hypnosis. In fact, you will be in a heightened state of concentration and aware of everything being said.

A person in hypnosis may look like they are meditating from the outside. However, the goal of meditation is to have a thoughtless, trance like state, a mind without thoughts. The goal of hypnosis is to relax the mind and body and focus deeply on a single thought or idea.

Everyone can be hypnotised. Some are quick to respond, others need some extra training. Traits of a good hypnotic client are intelligence and a keen sense of imagination.

The Hypnosis I practice is an established science and it is an evidence based field of psychology unlike Reiki or other forms of healing or occult.

No. If we could control minds, we’d all be world leaders and billionaires. You will be in full control during our sessions and can stop at any point if you choose to. 

No. What you see on TV is not what Clinical Hypnotherapists do. Stage hypnotists use some of the principles of hypnotherapy, and combine it with several other forms of art like stage magic, sleight of hand and illusion.

No one can get stuck in hypnosis. In fact, emerging someone from hypnosis is not necessary for a therapist. Given time, everyone spontaneously comes out of hypnosis into their normal wakeful state.

Hypnotherapy done by a trained and certified professional is very safe. It is not recommendable to use hypnosis if you are suffering from psychosis or some other clinically diagnosed disorders.