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Chinmai Gupta_Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Hello, my name is Chinmai and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Richmond, London. I know what it feels like when you have to put on a brave face while your inner world feels fragile or broken. I know how hard it is to navigate the challenges at work, pushing yourself through burnout, while also trying to be a good parent, be good to your own ageing parents and keep your marriage alive. My own journey through years of stress followed by soul searching and healing has made me deeply empathetic towards others facing similar struggles. 

 CBT and Clinical Hypnotherapy

I specialise in a very powerful combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy to target and transform your anxiety, stress, fears, phobias and habits. Unlike traditional psychotherapy, that explores your childhood, this form of therapy addresses the impact of your past on your present and provides you with the tools to change that. 

  • CBT and Hypnotherapy are both fast acting forms of therapy
  • Change your thought and behaviour patterns 
  • Learn to be happy in the now

Hypnotherapy can help you with


"... her voice is so calming and I feel like I am starting to build more confidence from within every day. "


Dublin, Ireland
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