Hypnotherapy for smoking

You have the power to stop smoking today. I can help you find it with proven techniques.

Giving up smoking can be incredibly difficult and challenging for most people. Hypnotherapy is said to be one of the most effective tools to help people wanting to stop smoking. It works by breaking the addiction from within the mind, by breaking the negative behaviours and thought patterns associated with smoking, such as smoking to relieve stress or to make friends.

I offer a smoking cessation package that includes an initial session to understand you and your situation, a session where I introduce Hypnotherapy and then the main session that lasts 2.5 -3 hours. During this session I will help you build up your resolve, overcome your triggers, feel confident and in control and be able to stop smoking once and for all. I will also offer a booster session free of charge if you need it within the first 12 months. I will provide you with all the material you need to succeed, including Hypnotherapy recordings before and after the session.

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking is safe, quick and effective. Get in touch if you genuinely want to stop smoking and we can arrange a free initial consultation.

How does Hypnotherapy work?

You can choose to see smoking as an addiction that you are slave to or to see it as a habit that you have the power to kick. At The Hypno Room, I choose to see it as the latter. 

Smoking is driven by hardwired ‘reward pathways’ in the brain that give a very short and temporary ‘high’ after smoking. In my hypnotherapy sessions, I will scientifically take you through the psychological and physiological journey of your body and mind as it relates to your smoking habit. I will then use a suite of hypnosis techniques to help you understand why you smoke and to eliminate the very root of this addiction.

Research has shown that hypnosis is an extremely quick and effective technique to help you rewire the neurological pathways in your brain that fuel unhelpful habits and thinking patterns. We can do this together. The only pre-requisite is a genuine desire to achieve your goal of quitting smoking. 

You can do this with willpower alone, but it’s much easier and faster to go smoke-free with hypnosis. 

Quitting Smoking Myths

Smoking helps me relax

Smoking gives you a short-term temporary ‘high’ inevitably followed by a longer low. Nicotine is a stimulant and not a relaxant. 

It’s too late for me quit

Hypnosis has been shown to be incredibly effective in helping clients quit smoking no matter how much they smoke and how long they have smoked for.

I will eventually start smoking again

With Hypnotherapy, we address the psychological and physiological root cause of the smoking habit. This helps minimise the chances for a relapse. 

What to expect in your therapy session

Sessions can either be in-person at my clinic in Richmond, London or online via Zoom. The therapy is equally effective whether done in-person or online. 

Breaking an often decades-long habit is hard and no matter what anyone claims online, Hypnotherapy is not a magic quick-fix. It is not a passive treatment like taking a pill. However, with your active participation, it has the power of transforming your life.

We will begin with an initial consultation to ensure that you understand the therapy process in more detail and to answer any questions. This will be followed by some exercises that you would need to complete at home ahead of our live session. Our therapy session will be bespoke and customised to your specific case. During the session, I will help you understand the way your addiction works and the various reasons why you smoke. We will then practice ways of gently rewiring your brain using several CBT, mindfulness and hypnosis techniques. 

The NHS website says: 

“If you can make it to 28 days smoke-free, you’re 5 times more likely to quit for good!”