Leadership for Success

The key to great leadership starts from your personal transformation

Challenge, empower, accept

We spend a third of our life working. That’s way more time than we spend with our family, travelling or having fun. Being passive at work or not achieving our potential can thus have a big impact on our overall mental health. Just because you don’t have a title, doesn’t mean you’re not a leader. You can start demonstrating leadership skills to yourself and that could have a snowball effect.

To be a leader, you might have to go through a journey of inner transformation. The first step is knowing who you are at a deep level. What drives you and what holds you back? What are your blocks and how can you overcome them? What inspires you and how can you stay inspired? Is there a way you can get over all the personal baggage you carry and start a new chapter in your personal and professional life?

THR LeadMe©:

This is a 6 week programme designed for employees at all levels. So everyone can get the best out of the training, it’s best to run it in small groups of up to 5 employees. The workshops run for 2 hours each week.

Week 1: Self Discovery

A journey of self-discovery to find the tools you already have to be a great leader.

Week 2: The ideal you

Let go of everything that does not serve a purpose in your life. Be the leader you want to be.

Week 3: Develop the skills

Develop the attitude and the skills that are required to be a good leader.

Week 4: Cognitive Restructuring

Switch from autopilot to deliberate positive action. Create new neural pathways to a success based mindset.

Week 5: Envision your future

Design your purpose. Design your leadership style. Design your future.

Week 6: Gain mastery over yourself

Have clear vision and goals. Gain control of yourself, be empowered and embody this new leader.

Working with Chinmai was an extraordinary experience. Her compassion and expertise helped us overcome challenges in a profound way.


Had a stellar session with Chinmai, she has a gift with gently leading you into the highly pressurized depths of your mind and guiding you to find the diamond buried there.

Eric H

Just love Chinmai’s approach and her understanding of and working with different aspects of life.

Laura O