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Recognising Anxiety: Signs that it’s time to seek help

Everyone has feelings of anxiety every now and then. It might be an upcoming exam you may feel anxious about or a medical procedure. Anxiety is a natural response to stress, a mechanism that helps us prepare for potential dangers and challenges.

However, when anxiety becomes persistent or overwhelming, and starts to impact aspects of your life, it may be a sign that you need help.

What story do you tell yourself?

You are so lazy. Your nose is too big. Your eyes are too small. Are you stupid? You need to lose some weight. You are  so average. You will never be successful. Do your thoughts about yourself sound something like this?

Could a confident person suffer from social anxiety?

A confident and sophisticated looking client who came to me was clearly upset when she recalled how an HR manager had told her that she came across as arrogant (let’s call her Jane). Jane told me she was excellent at what she did, she was hard working and conscientious and friendly in her interactions. She was unable to make sense of the feedback she had received and it continued to hurt her years on. Knowing that she was perceived in a certain way had knocked her self-confidence, making her more reserved and making her feel even more alien and isolated than she already did.

Non-medical pain relief options for childbirth

Are you pregnant and have been thinking about labour and ways to make it easy? Labour pain is different for different women and it always helps if you are prepared with a few options to deal with it. That way you can start with the easiest ones and take things up a notch if you need more help.

All non-medical pain relief options can be used in conjunction with medical methods, so there is no danger in trying these out. Also, invasive methods of pain management come with side effects and so many women prefer complementary methods to manage pain. Here are top tried and tested methods.