Yoga for the mind, body and soul

Stay fit, stay positive

One of my favourite memories from the time I was a little girl is of my grandfather doing a headstand. I used to love doing yoga with him and practicing as a child was easy! No aches and pains and a very flexible body. I tried to practice yoga on and off over the years in various studios in London depending on how much time I had in my busy schedule. And then the pandemic hit us and everything seemed to slow down and go online. I took the opportunity and started practicing yoga every day from the comfort of my own home with a teacher online. This regular practice completely transformed my mental and physical health. It was easy, accessible and kept me healthy and positive through a period that was tough for us all.

I have now designed my own classes combining yoga, pranayama or breathing techniques, mindfulness and meditation. I especially focus on helping you reduce your stress levels and relaxing your mind during the sessions. In terms of your body, you will start noticing improved flexibility, balance, coordination and lung function within a few weeks.

Yoga is perfect for everyone, whether you are a child, work at a desk all day long, a pregnant lady, on a wheelchair, an athlete, play tennis or football. I can of course tailor the classes based on your needs. Get in touch to arrange a free class so we can discuss things further!