Holistic Services

I practice and offer a range of holistic therapies to help people better understand their mind and body.

I have been practicing yoga since I was a little girl, all the way into my adulthood. I really enjoy the calming effect of yoga on my mind but more importantly, I love the flexibility and strength that yoga gives me. I teach yoga for all levels and I mix in some strength based exercises and breath work and my students seem to love my classes.

I practiced Hypnobirthing before both my deliveries and they were as beautiful and perfect as birth can be. However, having spoken with dozens of new mums over the years, I have heard so many stories of women who had terrible birth experiences, many of whom were still looking for answers about what happened to them, why they had caesarean births, failed epidurals and other unexpected complications.

A lot of new mothers (and fathers) carry with them a trauma around their baby’s birth as opposed to beautiful and precious memories like I do. This is the reason why I decided to help other women understand the science and biology of their own bodies, their rights as birthing mothers and power that they can have over their own minds.

I am using my Hypnotherapy techniques to do guided meditation classes at the moment where I address topics like stress removal and creating a positive mindset. These are quite unique and I would urge you to book a session to see how powerful just one sitting can be. You might be quite pleasantly surprised.